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Wasilla, Alaska 8 comments was a good company.The dogs cost more, but I was able to speak with the breeder and my puppy came to me, happy and healthy.

She is a wonderful addition to our family. Here shot record was intact and her health was excellent. I would use them in the future if I decide to get another dog. They were very professional.

I bought a puppy that was 20 weeks old because the thought of flyng a little puppy seems unfair to the puppy.

They were professional on the phone and although I thought some fees were included in the cost they were not.But my end product, the puppy is wonderful.

Review about: Puppy Purchasing.


Fort Irwin, California, United States #683178

I should add that my Shepard (Samantha) is now 3 years old and has been AKC registered since I got her and her new sister (Roo--the English Bull Mastiff) is just 11 months...Roo towers over Samantha but the two are best friends...

Samantha's gentle nature has rubbed off on the pup and has made all training much easier... Whatever PB did to some people they were solid by me and my needs...

I could not ask for a better service animal and kanine friend and companion...

Fort Irwin, California, United States #682780

They have been a front for puppy mills...But, I have nothing but great reviews for the pup I bought...

I am a disabled veteran with PTSD and, at the time of my purchase, I was not able to leave my home because the PTSD was so bad... The VA offered me a dog but my love for German Shepard breed was strong since that's what we had when I was a little girl... I searched Hampton VA only to find that all litters were already sold... I did pay $1600, which was a little steep--or so I thought...

But, that included microchip, first shots and air travel (which turned into ground travel because the heat index was so high)... She arrived at 10 weeks old happy and healthy...

She was gentle natured as I specified and makes an excellent service dog (which got me out of the house)/family friend and excellent playmate for my son's English bull mastiff...The company may be a fraud, but the pups are real and need loving homes regardless...

Loma Linda, California, United States #636165

in 2009 my hubby and i got an english bulldog puppy from PB.We were told it was going to be shipped domestic, LIE#1, it came fro the Ukraine.

It was sick with pneumonia and an ear infection you could smell 50 yards away when we went to pick him up from customs. We pumped $7500 in vet bills into this dog which cost us $3600 to start with only to lose him 12 days after getting him. We never got a refund and even hired an attorney. We received a judgement and they STILL haven't paid.

They have changed their name multiple times so that they could protect their assets and I STILL haven;t gotten my money.These people are criminal!!!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #607783

Premium Breeders is a brokerage house for puppy mills.Plain and simple.

You are paying a ridiculous price for a puppy mill dog.The thought of keeping these people in the business of torturing and abusing animals is disgusting.


refused to acknowledge that dog was not what we wanted. Said they would give us new puppy if we sent puppy back. come on, they're living beings, not furniture.


I have not gotten paid for a puppy I sold thru Premium Breeders, breeders network or breeders direct - whatever their real name is..They pretty much stole the puppy from me even after I allowed the buyer to come to my home to check me out as a breeder.

It has been way over three months and I believe them to have ripped me off.If you want a truly good puppy buying experience, go directly to the breeder yourself.


Premium Breeders has a deserved "F" rating on the Southeast Florida BBB. They had so many complaints they changed their name (again) to Breeder Network. Now Breeder Network has a "D-" rating.

If you want to do business with a company that changes its name every 1-2 years, GOOD LUCK!


Love my puppy it was a very happy loving little girl...She was 15 weeks .. When I got her in great health...

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